Szechuan Style Potato Shreds / Potato fetish & my Chinese friends 酸辣土豆丝


I love potatoes. We Asians eat potatoes in all kinds of ways. I reckon the Peruvians do it the same way too, at least my Peruvian classmate told me so. Unlike most Europeans who eat potatoes as side dish or starter, at home we treat potatoes as a source of vegetables. Hence we eat it with rice. My Finnish friends were surprised and wondering, who on earth eat carbohydrates with carbohydrates? Well we and the Peruvians! If you happen to know some other interesting ways of eating potatoes, do let me know. 😉

Back home my mom used to make potatoes with fat pork belly with a lot of leek, it was one of my favorite dish. But for some reasons, I don’t quite like pork belly anymore. As some of you might have read about my ‘flexitarian’ diet, it does reduce my craving for meat. Good for me! I will try to make my mom’s recipe in vegetarian version and share it with you guys, if it turns out fine.

This dish, Szechuan style potato shreds was introduced by my friends Hong and her husband Xing, who came to study in Finland initially. Finland is a perfect place to study by the way; top quality education, high standard and most importantly free of charge for most foreign students. Despite the long cold winter, the only negative thing is that it is rather difficult for foreigners to get a job to work for a living, especially when you don’t speak Finnish language. When I first came to Finland, I didn’t know any Finnish. Therefore I had to accept a job in an Asian restaurant with extremely low pay, and that’s where I met my ex-colleague, Hong. Hong and I were very hard-working people. We were not that closed then, but I have always known that we had something in common, that we shared the same ‘helpless’ feeling. We were unhappy, to work for overtime, illegal pay and harsh employer. But we needed to work for every cent we could to afford our living in Finland besides studying full-time. None of us dare to report to the government since we were so afraid to lose the only jobs we had.

Thank god we learned Finnish eventually and found our way out from the trap. Not only that I graduated and still continue for further studies, I am now having a full-time job with decent salary and standardized treatments, even better than what the laws says. I have a great singing career with my band, have the opportunities to travel around places, things are going so well. Hong went on to open her own restaurant, this year she even managed to open another unit in downtown Helsinki. You see, things always turn out just fine; at least I’d love to think so. Don’t worry, be happy!

Hong loves Szechuan style potato shreds. I had no idea that there was another way of eating potatoes that I haven’t discovered, until I was invited to Hong and Xing’s home to eat. I have been in their home a few times; every single time we had on our dining table, potato shreds! I became loving it. It’s sour, spicy, salty and crunchy, simply irresistible! My unusual European husband loves this dish too. I’m so glad that he is never picky when it comes to food. I just love the whole out of him!



3 Medium size potatoes, julienned

1-2 Dried Chilies, soaked in hot water

1 Celery stalk (optional), chopped

1 tbsp Dark/ white vinegar

1 tbsp Soy sauce

1 tsp salt

Dash of white pepper


1) Soak julienned potatoes in cold water to remove starch, wash and drain dry.

2) Heat oil in pan and fry chilies, celery with high heat until fragrance. Add potato shreds and stir- fry until the color turns transparent.

3) Add vinegar, soy sauce, salt and white pepper, stir well to allow potatoes to absorb the flavors. Add more vinegar if desired. Serve when the potatoes are still crunchy.

Note: It is important to wash away the starch to allow potatoes to cook faster in short time. It is also crucial to not over cook the potatoes. 😉





I love the scent of celery, sometimes. But feel free to omit it or replace for spring onion if you like. 🙂IMG_0719


13 thoughts on “Szechuan Style Potato Shreds / Potato fetish & my Chinese friends 酸辣土豆丝

    • Apparently many people around the world do eat potatoes with rice, at least according to the comments I got from my readers. 😀 If your kids like spicy food, they will love it. In fact i ‘accidentally’ used the stronger dried chilies in this dish and my lips were a bit swelled after that. 😀 Normally I can tolerate the spiciness from one chili (bird eye) only. 😉

  1. Don’t forget potatoes in our Malaysian chicken curry 😀 I also love my mum’s julienned potatoes with minced pork (cooked with soya sauce). I substitute pork with minced Quorn when I stopped eating meat and it works 🙂

    Btw, you really did well to learn Finnish and English to such a high standard! I’ve lived in Switzerland for 7 years now and still don’t speak much German and can only understand Swiss-German a little! I guess in my uni work environment we speak only English… so I’m not forced to speak German at all. I moved to Geneva this year but don’t speak French either. Because we are leaving the country after graduating (next year), there is not as much of an incentive to learn the language. I’m still struggling with Chinese even after hearing my parents speak Hokkien at home, so I think my brain does not handle languages so well :p

    Btw what band do you sing in?

  2. I love potatoes too, but I tend to eat them with ketchup, no matter how they are prepared. (Baked potato, french fries, mashed potatoes, hash browns…doesn’t matter.) This dish looks awesome. Also, I think it’s awesome that you worked so hard to be successful, especially after being treated so harshly by your former employer. Inspiring!

    • Hehe, thanks! I’m amazed by the fact that you eat mashed potatoes with ketchup, really??? I have always eaten mashed potatoes with salty gravy, but with ketchup, sounds interesting! 😀

      • Haha yes, I’m a little crazy about condiments in general. I like gravy too, but I rarely eat it. Ketchup and potatoes…it just feels right! 🙂

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