Strawberry Curd Cake / A little piece of heaven from the strawberry farm

It was a very warm sunny day. In fact, it was the first day when my summer holiday started. I asked my husband to drive us to the strawberry farm, which is about 30 minutes away from our home.

He asked: ‘Why don’t we just buy it from the store?’. To him, it doesn’t make sense to use our gas to drive this far and spend our time for things like this.

I thought for a while, and then said:’ Well, next time when you go fishing, I will ask you the same question.’ I continued: ‘There is no sense in buying all those expensive lures when you can’t even get one fish!’

Ha ha ha, I got him. He was so sorry that he promised to bring me everywhere to pick this and that from now on. It’s about the process that makes it more fun, don’t you agree?

Strawberries have always been a precious thing to me, since it is so rare and expensive in Malaysia. Before I moved to Finland, I have only eaten no more than 5 times fresh strawberries in my life, and those were watery and tasteless. Therefore strawberry picking has become a little bit of heaven to me. 🙂 There are soooo many of them on the field like stars in the sky, those shiny red heads hiding under the green leaves. I would pick them up and put straight to my mouth and then the next one would go to my basket. (Everybody does that!) Hmm… it’s so sweet, fresh and juicy. Completely awesome!


Inspired by my friend Laura’s unbeatable Mango Cake, I decided to use some of my 3 kilograms of freshly picked strawberries to make a cake for my summer celebration. This is quite light and healthy, therefore it is suitable for all ladies. It is not difficult, but you’ve got to be a little patient because there are some waitings in between.


175g Domino cookies

50g Butter, left in room temperature

2 1/2 dl Vanilla sauce

4 dl Plain Curd

5 dl Strawberry puree

3/4 dl Sugar

1 tbsp Vanilla sugar

1/2 Lemon juice

7 Gelatin sheets, soaked in cold water


1) Finely chop the cookies until crumbled and mix well with butter. Cut a piece of baking sheet for the bottom of a baking tray, and press the crumbled cookies to the bottom. Keep cool in refrigerator.

2) Whip vanilla sauce until foamed and then mix in curd, strawberries puree and sugars.

3) Heat up the lemon juice in microwave for a few seconds, put the gelatin sheets into the juice to melt completely. Pour the juice slowly into the curd mixture and keep stirring while pouring.

4) Spread the curd mixture into the baking tray and chill overnight before serving.

PS: I let the cake to set in refrigerator for about an hour before I decorated it with strawberries. So that the fruits stay nicely on top and would not drop into the curd mixture.

Strawberries Puree

I used about 10 dl of strawberry fruits to make 5 dl of strawberry puree. Store-bought is good also but it might be a little sweeter.

Whipped curd

Pecan nuts go well with strawberries!


A very refreshing and hearty cake, popular among all ages, just pick the fruits that you like and it will do! 😉

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